American Academy of Home Inspection, AAOHI is a division of TREES INC., one of the oldest and largest real estate school in the South. TREES Inc. was cofounded by Ron Oslin and Bill Whisnant in 1975. TREES Inc, and its divisions AAOHI, Tennessee Appraisal Preparatory School, TAPS and ATREES .com specializing in online real estate education, have educated over 100,000 satisfied real estate agents, real estate appraisal and home inspection students for 30 years by in-class and distance learning classes.

AAOHI is an affiliate member of the prestigious American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI, National Association of Home Inspectors, NAHI and subscripts to their Code of Ethics.

Senior Home Inspection Instructor: Robert (Bob) Leedy
Bob Leedy is a Licensed General Contractor with Endorsements in Electrical and Plumbing with over 30 Years of Experience in Residential, Commercial Construction including Home Inspection. Bob bring his “hands on” knowledge of home inspection to the classroom as he has performed both commercial and residential inspections for 12 years in Tennessee.

He has a unique perspective on home inspection as he knows the home inspection business from various vantage points. As a licensed real estate broker for 20 years and a licensed Tennessee general contractor for 12 years; he can not only teach the “nuts and bolt” of home inspection but he helps his home inspection students relate to the needs of the real estate agent and broker as well as to other important participants in the home inspection process.

Bob is a Certified Instructor in the NHBA “Graduate Builder” courses. President of Sevier County Contractors, Member of the National Association of Home Builders, the Tennessee Association of Home Builders and the Sevier County Association of Home Builders. Also Bob is co-founder and co-owner of a commercial and residential real estate company and holds the ABR, CRS, GRI, CTG, RECS designations and is candidate for the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Members CCIM designation .

American Academy of Home Inspection’s parent company, TREES Inc. Real Estate Educators Association (REEA)®, is a professional organization to promote education, professional standards of competence, performance and ethics standards in real estate education. Both cofounders have been past officers of the Tennessee Chapter of REEA®.

TREES Inc. is recognized by the following organizations:

Accredited by the Virginia Real Estate Board (VREB)
Accredited by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC)
Accredited by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC)
Virginia Association of Realtors®
Tennessee Association of Realtors®
Memphis Area Association of Realtors®
Chattanooga Association of Realtors®
Greater Nashville Association of Realtors®
Knoxville Area Association of Realtors®
Great Smoky Mountains Association of Realtors®
National Association of Auctioneers

Recently, cofounder Ron Oslin was awarded the prestigious "Educator Of The Year" by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. Also, Ron Oslin and Bill Whisnant have written numerous books, courses and articles on real estate brokerage and real estate appraisal subjects.

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